WHAT IS Rehabitat ?

Rehabitat is a different way of thinking your own living space, through a deeper attention to details, a research for a modern design not an end in itself but voted to comfort, to a visual and sensitive pleasure that only the “fine art of building” can give, for a long time.


With Rehabitat return under the spotlight the desires and tastes of the people who really live their homes daily and without undergoing them: thus, the architect comes back to be the figure that follows the customer in what is the “creation path” of its new habitat, inside its new house, melting with the concrete and practical role of the builder and alongside with specialized and competent subjects in the different areas of operativity.


Rehabitat is a brand that contains in itself an entire production process, a different one from construction and renovation: in it have the same rights and dignity both the designer and the executor, identified in a unique entity, for whom the quality of the final product means customer’s satisfaction.

Rehabitat is the Luxury Brand of Cazzaniga Costruzioni, a project that is concretization and sublimation of a way of working created through the years and now consolidated in varied experiences had for a lot of different customers in different fields (residential, renovations, industries, commerce): our mission is to stand by the customers side from the blank page that is the beginning of every project to the delivering of the final product, following him in every moment, in every single choice, in every detail, throughout our team of technicians, our internal resources and our selected net of specialized external operators that we work with and that are capable to deliver top quality materials and know-how.


Which is Rehabitat target ?

REhabitat‘s target are those who, starting to embark on a renovation, a creation or transformation of their home, of their commercial space or of their offices, moved by a declared ambition of high aesthetical and functional quality, search for a single subject who is able to stand by them during the whole process of creation.
From the design to the finishes choice, through and team of technicians and specialized operators that make available their know how and their resources to obtain the highest level of quality possible.



Why Rehabitat ?

Rehabitat means re-gaining your own living space, living the pleasure to renovate your house or to create a new place to spend your time, looking only at the positive aspects, the challenges, the choices that an adventure like that carries with it.


Why choosing Rehabitat ?

Rehabitat means style, design, attention to details and a different way to live the experience of a transformation/creation of your living space: in one word, Rehabitat is a high level Italian approach to architecture and construction, where style meets concrete reality, with high quality finishes coming from Italian production.


By choosing Rehabitat you can have a totally Italian approach to architecture (with the guarantee of Cazzaniga Costruzioni, a consolidated firm active from more than four decades in Northern Italy) and a wide range of selected finishes coming from Italian production in all fields of construction, with the best quality you ever dreamed for.